9 Effective DIY Methods To Fix Car Dents Without Ruining The Paint

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Small dents may not be disastrous as many other car damages but fixing such damage could be very painful for your wallet. There are many shops that can fix such flaws professionally using their specialized equipment and tools but these procedures can be very costly.
Today, we are listed 9 of the most insane methods we saw on the net. These are DIY methods that can fix the dents and dings of your car in no time!
These methods are said to be effective but still it is all up to you whether you take the risk or not!

1. Fix Dents Using Boiling Water

This is probably the cheapest method around. Who would have thought that you can fix the car’s annoying dents using nothing but hot water?
Simply throw a hot water on the damaged area reach under the wheel well and pop out the dent. They said that the heat allows the plastic to expand and become flexible so you can pop it back into place and bring your car back to its former glory

2. Using Metal Rod and Knockdown

As seen in /Drive channel, this is another effective paintless dent repair method but this might require some skills an knowledge in order to perform it effective without causing more damage.
In this method, instead of just popping the dent out from behind, one must work on both sides of the dent, using a combination of a long metal rod underneath it and a rubber knock down on the top side in order to completely get the dent out of the car.
This also requires sanding and polishing.