900hp Four Cylinder Nissan Stick Shift Made History On A Drag Strip

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

So, it became rather strange to see a proper, normal car with an H pattern stick ...

So, it became rather strange to see a proper, normal car with an H pattern stick shift at the drag strip. All went the automatic route because of safety, speed, and numbers.

It seems this does not work for the driver driving this fantastically cool Nissan with a 4 cylinder engine. Not only does it compete in stick shift class, but it had to fight its way against monsters such as Camaros.

With 900 hp, a lot of courage and lightweight construction this Nissan surely is a beast to be reckoned with. Driving at the Street Car Takeover Kentucky, it successfully fought against two Camaros, but lost the final battle. What is more, the driver broke his own record – twice during the day.

As it seems, the thing is capable of really amazing passes. The first time he made a personal best was against a newer Camaro. Nissan four-cylinder drove 1320 feet in 8.69 seconds at speed of 160 mph.

Now, some may argue, that the money he dropped building this car could get him a lot more powerful V8, but then, it would just be a massively powerful V8 and nothing more. This is different. This is what means to be different.

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