900HP Go Kart Is The Best Way To Describe This Badass Little Machine!

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What has he done here, placing that 900 horsepower engine in a go kart making it ...

What has he done here, placing that 900 horsepower engine in a go kart making it more powerful than a Toyota Supra, and maybe faster than the Nissan GT-R! Well that was the idea after all, and now this owner gets to drive the craziest, most nasty looking Toyota MR2 on the streets!

Running the K20 with a sequential shifting transmission is a dream come true for this driver, it’s the ultimate experience that you can get with a drift kart. It doesn’t get any better than this.

There was a go kart that had a turbojet engine installed on it, and it was pretty fast but it didn’t come close to the 900 horsepower mark at all. That is why this crazy go kart can be pronounced the winner of the go kart competition from now on, and until the end of time.

We are calling this Toyota MR2 a go kart because it is so small from the outside, what’s common for the MR2, but when this owner pops the hood up, there lays a surprise. We can clearly see a race head mounted on the Honda K20 engine, and it is pretty new too.

Also all the wiring, piping and fuel lines have been customized and tuned for ultimate electricity, fuel and air supply as well. And it has the sweetest sequential transmission that has been mounted on the Toyota MR2.

Being sequential enables this driver to focus on the road and the race, without having the need to worry about the shifter at all. Inside the vehicle, or the drift kart if you will, there are all the options that you get with a stock car, and even more.

The AC is still there, as well as some new gadgets that have been installed for better overview of the running engine, the temperature, RPMs and the speed.

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