A 97-year-old-man Bought Himself A Mustang GT As A Daily Driver

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One can never bee too old for a Mustang. Meet a 97-year-old man from Sweden who ...

One can never bee too old for a Mustang. Meet a 97-year-old man from Sweden who just got himself a magnificent 2017 Ford Mustang GT. The V8 muscle car clearly is lust for everyone from 7 to 77 (well, actually, 97) and Lennart – a magnificent Swede born in 1919 just got himself an ultimate present.

He was the first man to buy an original Mustang in Sweden back in the day. He thought his son to drive in it, but could not buy another and replace it for five decades.

Lucky for him, this changed as he purchased a proper V8 muscle car.

If you are still wondering how he can drive a Mustang at 97 years of age, we cannot give you an answer. His son notes in this video “His eyesight is good, his reactions are good, and he drives with confidence that others do not have.” Amazing.

Actually, we are not quite sure what is more astonishing with this story – the fact he bought himself a Mustang or the fact that he can actually drive.

Amazing man has enough spirit to drive such an exciting car at that age. If this is not inspiring enough we do not know what it is. Lennart Ribring, man, rock on.

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