This Alfa Romeo 4C Hillclimb Car Has A Formula 3000 V-8

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We need more hill climb events here in the US. Why you ask? Well, first off ...

We need more hill climb events here in the US. Why you ask? Well, first off that’s the dumb question. Secondly, the reason it is dumb is because you don’t understand the sort of twisted, and mental machinery that shows up to compete in these things.

A properly mad hill climb machine usually runs insane aero and the wild, screaming engine. Such is the case with this Alfa Romeo 4C featured in the video below.

Well, it is sort of still the Alfa Romeo 4C. YouTuber 19Bozzy92 captured it running in the 2017 Verzegnis-Sella Chianzutan hill climb event.

That is a long name for the twisting road located in the north eastern portion of Italy. To tackle the road, the 4C has undergone the few changes.

According to this video description, this car used to pack the 4-cylinder engine producing 600 horsepower. That’s been tossed out in favor of the Zytek 3.0-liter V-8 that is good for 450 hp.

Despite the drop in power, the vehicle has reworked its aero bits and body panels, it also has undergone the number of other mechanical changes under the heavily revised skin.

It’s the wicked sounding furious blur, and it is fire-breathing proof that we need the whole lot more hill climb activity in our own backyards.

If we don’t get more hill climbs, do yourself the favor and get out to the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb in Colorado some time. There you will see plenty of the crazy machines like this one.

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