Alfa Giulia QV Died On Track While Comparing With M3 And AMG C63

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Cmo’n Alfa. Get you *hit together. After the first sales result came in we have ...

Cmo’n Alfa. Get you *hit together. After the first sales result came in we have seen that Alfa Romeo is struggling hard to sell any number of their good looking Giulia sedan. They simply cannot win over the fact that buyers unmistakably associate low reliability with the Alfa Romeo nameplate.

And, now, this happened.

UK based Pistonheads had a chance to test out and compare the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, the BMW M3 Competition (latest version of the current M3) and the Mercedes-AMG C63. Driving cars hard on the track meant only one thing – all of them were tested under the same conditions and had to endure the same punishment.

Alfa could not handle the heat and after a few hot laps with all the restrictions turned off, the Alfa Romeo “check engine” light went on. No matter, the presenter just moved ahead with driving pretty hard despite the car actually staying in its “Normal” mode. Computer restricted the performance and the mode only to the “Normal” setting.

While you may think that this was all bad that happened with Alfa Romeo three-fourths of the video, the truth is much gruesome. Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio actually went into “Limp” mode basically stranding the driver on a track with fierce competitors still working fine and hard. Sad.

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