Alpine A110 Is Finally Back And Looking To Revolutionize The Market!

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To a lot of younger individuals, the name Alpine doesn’t ring a bell, but ...

To a lot of younger individuals, the name Alpine doesn’t ring a bell, but the more experienced onces among us know just how legendary this French manufacturer was back in the day. In the late ’60s and early ’70, they were absolute kings of lightweight nimble sports cars.

The year 2017 finally brought them back on the map, and this is their latest product. On first look, the Alpine A110 doesn’t seem terribly sporty, but trust me, this tiny monster packs quite a punch. We’re happy to see that even after all these years, the French engineers haven’t gone away from the original philosophy.

While most manufacturers these days only strive to put maximum number of horsepower, the A110 only has a modest 250hp at its disposal. However, they key is in the weight reduction, as this vehicles only weighs slightly above 2,000lbs! Apart from shedding a few pounds, Alpine engineers also did a phenomenal job with the weight distribution between the two axles, as the car is very close to an ideal 50-50 ratio. What a brilliant ride!

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