Always Wear Your Seatbelt Or Don’t Drift On The Highway Like A Idiot

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Drifting on public roads may be the punishable criminal offense in some parts of ...

Drifting on public roads may be the punishable criminal offense in some parts of the Middle East, and that hasn’t done much to eradicate the phenomenon.

In fact, those eager of proving their driving skills often find themselves in the extremely dangerous scenarios, like this guy, who forgot to buckle up before doing the 360-degree turn.

Naturally, Newton’s law kicked in and the guy was tossed throughout the cabin, but luckily, he managed to get back up just in time, avoiding the accident waiting to happen.

We could say that he learned his lesson and next time he pulls the stunt like this, it will probably be in the controlled environment, taking all the necessary safety measures before, including wearing the seatbelt, but we all know what the chances are for that to happen…

Depending on where it was filmed, this amateur drifter could face some jail time, in addition to being fined and having his car confiscated.

The law is not easy on spectators or passengers either, in Saudi Arabia at least, as they can also have their vehicles impounded for 15 days if they do not want to pay a fine of around $400.

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