Amazing Audi TT RS Lap Time : Faster Than BMW M2! Woow!

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With the latest 400-pony incarnation of the TT RS, Audi has delivered the extreme ...

With the latest 400-pony incarnation of the TT RS, Audi has delivered the extreme sportscar and comparison tests involving a compact go-fast machines keep delivering one spicy result after another.

Case in point with a latest affair of the sort, which saw Motorsport Magazine putting uber-TT through its paces on the Club versions of the Magny-Cours track.

The French adventure saw the TT RS topping the BMW M2 and while this result might’ve been predictable, it is strange to notice how the Audi TT also managed to top the Competition Package BMW M3.

We will remind you that the said pack gifts the BMW M3 with more than just a power bump to 444 horsepower. To be more precise, the list of track-friendly goodies also include revised springs, the shock absorbers and anti-roll bars, as well as lightweight 20-inch wheels, among others.

Regardless, the numbers delivered by the sportscar are far from enough to describe its personality. For one thing, we also need to focus on a handling aspect of the TT RS video below. The in-cabin view allows us to get the excellent idea of the struggle the driver has to go through.

In the typical Audi manner, the Audi TT RS shows plenty of understeer, with the editor in the driver’s seat having to constantly wrestle the steering wheel.

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