This Is Amazing G550 4×42 As You Have Never See It

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So, you thought that the Mercedes-Benz G-class isn’t as mad as some other entries ...

So, you thought that the Mercedes-Benz G-class isn’t as mad as some other entries from other manufacturers? If you did we got news for you – you were wrong. Really wrong.

Not only does it look astonishing and amazing, but it actually features so much right gear we’d be tempted to test it against something like a monster truck. You know why!? Because the Mercedes G550 4×42 is a freaking monster truck.

Doug deMuro had a chance to test it, drive it and compare it, wait for it… with a freaking school bus. Yes, the G500 4×42 has a hood tall as the hood of a freaking school bus. Watch it. It is the truth.

However, unlike the bus, the G550 4×42 is actually fast, composed, can go off road in every conceivable way and can give the thrill no other SUV can. And you’ll feel more than thrilled after spending $250,000 to acquire one.

Really, that is all what you need to get it. If you succeed actually. They are all preordered, so start calling the dealers right now.

What is especially amazing is the fact that sitting in this G500 is like driving a semi truck. Only, it’s fast, it’s refined and luxurious.

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