Amazing Pennzoil “The Last Viper” Video Shows What This V10 Supercar Is All About

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Yes, Dodge stopped the production of the mighty Viper. They produced the last one ...

Yes, Dodge stopped the production of the mighty Viper. They produced the last one and, apparently sold everyone from the line of the last Edition.

Nevertheless, the car is still one of the most respectable among car enthusiasts. No wonder then Pennzoil making an awesome video showing just how crazy and powerful the Dodge Viper really is.

In a video called “The Last Viper”, Pennzoil used an awesome yellow Viper to show to the world just how amazing it is.

Pennzoil hired professional racer and Hollywood stunt driver Rhys Millen to pilot the yellow Viper ACR for this tribute video. It was shot in Miami – hence the intro with shades of Miami Vice. Pennzoil put on a good show with this one. The video features astonishing drifts, fine driving by Millen and a whole lot of smoke – and epic sound too.

Obviously, those awesome license plates – V8 EATR demonstrates what Pennzoil had in mind with this one.

However, we ask is this is really the case as Dodge just released the fastest muscle car of all time – the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon with an 840hp V8 which would eat this Viper – at least on the straight line.

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