Amazing Stock A45 vs Tuned A45 Race Proves Stuff

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Archie Hamilton Racing is doing it again – making an awesome drag race ...

Archie Hamilton Racing is doing it again – making an awesome drag race demonstrating what a tuning company could do for a hatchback. Please welcome the Mercedes-AMG A45 drag races tuned and dialed up Mercedes-AMG A45.

Now, these are possibly the baddest and the fastest hatchbacks in the world, so even in the stock form, the A45 with its 380hp can do a whole lot of damage. Another one, on the other hand, has an engine developing 450hp. Massive upgrade for sure.

The 70hp difference is quite a substantial one. It took the hot hatch premise to another level making the A45 4Matic as fast as some really important sports cars from Maserati, Aston Martin or Audi.

What would it feel like to lose a race with your V8 sports car against the courageous car like this? It would suck, wouldn’t it!?

Interestingly, the more powerful car cannot actually get off the line as fast as the lesser one. See, getting the power down is quite a tricky thing. The Less powerful car can actually get more power down faster. Yet, when it gets the grip, additional 70hp is a whole lot of power.

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