Angry Elephant Destroys 20 Vehicles In A 4-Hour Rampage

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

If you thought lifting dumbbells in the gym means you are strong, you are sorely ...

If you thought lifting dumbbells in the gym means you are strong, you are sorely mistaken, particularly when it comes to some of the strongest creatures in the animal kingdom.

Case in point, the elephant which recently went on the rampage in India.

The elephant in question was involved in the temple festival in the southern Indian state of Kerala when it broke free from its chains and went on the wild rampage, destroying motorcycles, scooters, a rickshaw and even the small three-wheeled pickup.

Using nothing but its immensely strong trunk, this elephant named Devidasan managed to toss the pickup around like it was made of paper, weighed nothing more than a few pounds.

While this was happening, two locals were sitting on the back of the elephant, and holding on for their lives. This isn’t the first time an elephant has gone on a such the rampage in India.

In fact, it has happened the number of times, inevitably due to the poor conditions, treatment the elephants have to endure for years on end.

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