‘Angry Grandpa’ Presented With Dream Car, Breaks Down In Tears

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We all love our first vehicle, but most of us got to live with it until it became ...

We all love our first vehicle, but most of us got to live with it until it became the pain in the butt, so when its time finally came, we were actually glad to get rid of it. And we got to have closure, but this old man did not.

He has become a bit of the internet sensation after smashing his grandson’s PlayStation 4 with the wrench because he did not bake him Christmas cookies. Yes, that scenario sounds fishy as hell, apparently, people bought it, so the video got over 26 million views.

That meant Angry Grandpa turned into the full YouTube show that constantly gets around one million views per video. Because people love to see fake stuff and that’s only marginally funny. Well, if reality TV was once the thing, we guess it had to have the Internet correspondent.

But if you watch the videos, you will notice that Angry Grandpa may be a lot of things (angry included), but he’s not the particularly good actor. Which means that the video you are about to see is probably real.

It all revolves around Angry Grandpa’s sad story involving the 16-year-old himself and the 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. Apparently, he got the vehicle from his parents, but when his sister and her husband had to go to California, they decided to give them the new car for the trip.

The Chevy broke down on the way, and the couple sold it to the junkyard, so Angry Grandpa never got to see it again.

All those YouTube views translated into money, and the son who is obviously running the channel and somewhat making money off his dad decided to repay the old man by getting him the vehicle he’s been dreaming of since he was 16.

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