Anyone Can Open Tesla Front Trunks With No Key

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One would assume that a closed and locked trunk would be the relatively safe and ...

One would assume that a closed and locked trunk would be the relatively safe and secure place to store items in the car.

While not impervious to break-ins, it’s far more difficult to get into the trunk than it is to smash a window. That is unless you’re driving the Tesla Model X, which has an emergency release for the trunk hidden right under a front bumper.

Start the video at about 10 minutes in to see just how easy it is to pop the trunk open. And watch for some mild NSFW language.

Let’s be clear, there is the perfectly reasonable and rational explanation why Tesla built in this access. The Model S has the similar point behind the front wheel.

If a vehicle is in the accident, emergency responders must be able to shut down the high voltage system and in order to prevent possible electrical injury.

Modern Formula 1 cars with hybrid systems have the similar feature. The access point on the Tesla happens to be under the trunk, so there has to be the way to access it without a key or even full power.

The hosts of this video make it out to be a big security risk, despite the clickbait title, they have the point. A knowledgeable thief could, in theory, pull the panel, pop the trunk, take what is inside all in under a minute.

That’s all without actually damaging the vehicle – although it should be noted that doing this will set off the alarm, so there is some deterrent factor there.

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