Argument Between Two Guys Ends In A Race With A Total Pot Of $9,000!

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If you are going to talk smack about another man’s ride and challenge him to ...

If you are going to talk smack about another man’s ride and challenge him to the drag race, you best make sure you know for the fact just how much punishment his car can dish out.

What happened here then was the competitive argument turning into a friendly wager, which in turn became the heated argument between two drivers that stood over a $9,000 pot.

In one corner, you have got the owner of a Lambo Huracan feeling mighty confident that his factory-stock Italian supercar can outrun that gimmicky thing that is a customized R32 Nissan Skyline – at least in his mind.

Sure, the Huracan is mighty quick off the line thanks to its 600 hp and its advanced all-wheel drive system. It will get from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.2 seconds and is pretty formidable even from the rolling start, which is what they went with here at the Queensland Raceway.

His opponent, the 800 WHP crazy-quick Skyline, not the 500 HP tuned R32 as he may have been led to believe, made it real easy for its owner to claim those $9,000 – and which is when things got really nasty between the two drivers.

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