Army Truck Battles Army Truck In A Tug O War At Truckwarz In Michigan

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We have seen many 2 wheel drives and the 4 wheel drives doing pull-offs, but have ...

We have seen many 2 wheel drives and the 4 wheel drives doing pull-offs, but have you ever seen 6 wheel drive pull off?

Well, this is the video of two 6×6 army trucks doing the tug of war in the event called Truck Wars, this is the epic fight between two monsters.

The truck on the left is M35A2 and weighs 13,500 lbs without wood, and we can see the wood in his trailer. And the other truck is the M939A2 truck and weighs from 20,000 to 37000 lbs, and the wood in the left truck is just to make the odds even.

The 6×6 army trucks are going best 2 of 3 pulls to determine which is a stronger one. In the first pull, the left truck had the bad start and he was dragged backward the little bit but after he gained control he was able to pull the right truck over the white line.

In the second pull also the left truck had the bit difficult start but as in the first pull he was able to get the hang of it and he was able to pull the opponent over a white line once again.

Just watching these two monsters pulling each other with enormous power will give you the chills, and I mean just imagine how much power produces the 6×6 vehicle.

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