Arrested For Driving A SNOWMOBILE Drunk After Police Saw Him

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Watching a Packer’s game and having the few drinks is not forbidden, but ...

Watching a Packer’s game and having the few drinks is not forbidden, but grabbing the snowmobile and driving it out on the road while drunk, is, as the Wausau resident learned the hard way.

Captured on police dashcam while he was driving his tracked vehicle on the snow-covered road last week, the man was identified as 55-year old John Grassl, and as WSAW writes.

Awe, man, really?, Grassl said, after this officer pulled him over, and admitted to have started drinking earlier that day, during the Packers game.

He ran out of cigarettes and decided to grab a snowmobile and head to the gas station to buy some. After having his breath tested for alcohol, this man was taken into custody, as the result indicated more than twice the legal limit for driving the vehicle.

Officers ran the background check on John Grassl and found that his troubles with the law began back in 2001, when he drove the group of daycare-aged children while he was intoxicated.

For his previous felony, he spent time in prison, and lost his driver’s license for 8 years, and spent 10 years on extended supervision. Since he was on parole when he was pulled over, Jahon Grassl remains in the Marathon County Jail.

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