Artist Makes Amazing F1 Racing Car From Matches And Then Sets It On Fire

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

As we all know, vehicles come in the different shapes and sizes, colors and the ...

As we all know, vehicles come in the different shapes and sizes, colors and the materials. But did you know that all it takes to build the F1 race car is wood, to be precise, matchsticks!

That is right, this video you are about to see features the very talented guy building the F1 race car out of matches. The first thing he makes is the wheels.

He comes up with the clever tool made out of cardboard, sets the matches one by one on it, and then he sticks some more matches between them and finishes a wheel.

Next he makes four cubes which form a body of the F1 race car, every cube is smaller in height by the previous one. He connects them with more matches in the middle. And he then adds couple of more cubes on each side of the vehicle.

Finally, he attaches the four wheels he made earlier, and which completes the built. It took the whole week to make this car, and what he does at the end is shocking, he decides to burn this car!

We see how the car suddenly bursts into flames, to be honest that made us sad for a second.

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That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.