Aston Martin Racing Does Incredible Mannequin Challenge

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The so-called Mannequin Challenge is sweeping the internet, and prompting ...

The so-called Mannequin Challenge is sweeping the internet, and prompting different corporations and groups to post the challenge video of their own.

Now, Aston Martin Racing is one of a first racing teams to participate, taking on the Mannequin Challenge at a recent 6 Hours of Bahrain.

Like most internet sensations, the Mannequin Challenge isn’t terribly complicated. Essentially, the group of people all freeze in place, maintaining any position they had before a challenge began. The camera sweeps in-between the mannequins, giving the illusion of the freeze-frame shot.

After the fantastic spot from the Hoonigan crew, Aston Martin Racing (AMR) threw its helmet into a freeze-frame ring with the Mannequin Challenge video from the 6 Hours of Bahrain endurance race.

After motion is suspended, a camera moves through AMR’s paddock area, capturing and incredible visual cross-section of this race team in action.

Everyone on AMR is included. The camera runs the entire gamut, beginning with a tire preparation area. As the shot moves inside, the entire logistics and data team are motionless at their computer stations.

The view moves into a garage area, where we see crew attending to two LMGTE Aston Martin Vantage V8s. Outside, activity resumes with the pit crew surrounding a third Vantage.

Check out the Aston Martin Racing team demolish the Mannequin Challenge in the video below.

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