Astonishing Ferrari F40 On The Race Track Dominates The Porsches And Others

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Ferrari F40 is considered the first modern supercar by many. It appeared at much ...

Ferrari F40 is considered the first modern supercar by many. It appeared at much the same time as the Porsche 959 and they were much the same competitors as the LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder are today – fast, good looking and excruciatingly expensive. This is a story about the Ferrari F40 race car – the one that dominated the dreams of the boys and garages of really wealthy people.

This video follows one of two racing Ferrari F40 cars driving its fast lap around Monza in Italy. The narrator does report that the Ferrari F40 race car was much the same as the Ferrari F40 road car.

Driven by Jean-Marc Gounon, this particular car conquered the Monza and all cars driving on. It’s quite amazing and unusual to see the Ferrari simply overtaking all the cars on the track. And not only Porsches and other cars you may know about, but the prototypes, special racing cars, and other Ferraris as well.

It is a cool demonstration of the Ferrari F40 abilities. And, of course, the abilities of the Jean-Marc Gounon, one of three musketeers who was driving these machines that day. Reminding ourselves of how it once was on the race tracks definitely has some merits to it. Enjoy.

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