Astonishing Hot Wheels Track With Lights Feel Like A Lucid Dream

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People really do some crazy things with the construction of the hot wheels tracks. ...

People really do some crazy things with the construction of the hot wheels tracks. This time you have a chance to take a first person ride at the hot wheels track so insane you’d press replay a few times.

We are thinking just how cool would it be to drive on this with the Virtual Reality glasses.

All in all, the Hot Wheels track features cool lighting over the track. Whizzing lights over the track and a whole lot of cool lighting details made the hot wheels track feel like an animated set of racing. Some even said it looks a bit like a Mario Kart track, but it actually is a Hot Wheels Nightmare theme. It does look cool.

The creators even said it has “Tinkertoys, lighter fluid, kerosene, lamp wicks, wire, rain gutters, plastic garden edging, LED lights, and lasers.”

Obviously, a lot of work went into it. Guys and Gals from the 5MadMovieMakers YouTube channel used a Sony VG30H and a GoPro Hero Session 4 mounted on a Bull Whip car to film such a cool video.

Now, the vibrations do break up the feel of it a bit, but considering the weight and the speed, we can forgive them all.

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