Astonishing Illegal Drag Racing Went Well

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Finally some insane late night footage of illegal racing. Meet astonishing 800hp ...

Finally some insane late night footage of illegal racing. Meet astonishing 800hp Corvette and almost unimaginable 650hp freight train Civic.

This is real and you should be more than curious about these street monster machines.

1320Videos who published the video on their YouTube channel explained it like this:

“We’ve seen lots of battles on the street from all types of cars, and this night out was no exception. From Cadillac’s to Honda’s and seeing all things in between, this particular group of racers had it all! Quick runs and maxed speedo’s alike, this was an adrenaline-fueled night for all involved! Hearing about a Honda that pulls like a freight train, or riding along in a 2JZ Lexus to 160+ MPH, there was no shortage of excitement on the highways that night!”

This, of course, is not only a story about the Corvette and a Civic, but, actually, a magnificent representation of the late night racing with various awesome road legal cars.

You have here Audi S4, Mazda RX-7, some mad Lexus, badass Cadillac cars and other. Enjoy the night and listen to the epic sound.

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