Astonishing Snowball Rally Get McLaren And Lambo Racing To Insanity

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Vehicle Virgin guy did the thing with the Lambo and the McLaren. He, with his ...

Vehicle Virgin guy did the thing with the Lambo and the McLaren. He, with his wealthy friends, compared the magnificent Huracan with the awesome 650S. See, both cars are some of the best supercars of today, but winter tires and everything else do cripple it a bit with power delivery. That is why the McLaren 650S was a bit faster and a bit sharper.

The thing about it all is that the guys were a part of a Snowball rally going for the Aspen. Yes, the road was long, hellish and rather exciting, but the most interesting thing is that they actually had some problems.

Lamborghini Engine check light went on while the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG had problems with transmission the whole way to Aspen. But it made it. As Merc said it – “Car will take care of itself”.

And then the best thing ever – Snowball had a really amazing welcome at the resort. Many people appeared to greet the youtube stars.

And bear in mind, these things aren’t stock. Well, some of them aren’t. For example, this Huracan gets around with insane 800hp. That’s a whole lot of power. But not enough to shatter the lighter 650hp McLaren 650S.

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