Audi Brings Its Laser Lights To The USA In R8 V10 Plus Exclusive

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Even though the novelty of lasers usually wears off after the childhood full of ...

Even though the novelty of lasers usually wears off after the childhood full of pointing at the neighbors through their windows to scare them or having the family pet chase the red dot around, there is still something alluring to the sci-fi technology.

Maybe it’s because the Jedi’s of Star Wars used the laser-like light sabers to fight an army that used laser cannons and guns, and in either case, little sounds more appealing then having them in our vehicles. Thanks to Audi, that’s now the possibility.

That’s because the automaker is bringing something special to the LA Auto Show, the highly exclusive R8 V10 Plus dubbed the Exclusive in case you didn’t get the point. Well, the technology is nothing new for Audi. It previously built the R8 LMS to celebrate its victory at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring.

That vehicle featured laser headlights and was only limited to 24 units, all sold in Germany. Then BMW came and conquered the US with a first DOT approved laser headlights available as the $6,300 option on the i8. Audi, however, won’t sit by and watch its fellow countryman beat it at the game of futurism.

It was this motivation that led the Four Rings to hit Geneva and then LA with the Audi R8 V10 complete with laser headlights embedded in its eyes.

These are made up of four high intensity laser diodes in each headlight that shoot the beam of blue laser light into the phosphor converter, which converts the blue light into the bright white shine.

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