Audi Left The Le Mans And Made A Somewhat Sad Video About It

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Volkswagen left WRC, Audi is leaving the LeMans series. This is highly sad as the ...

Volkswagen left WRC, Audi is leaving the LeMans series. This is highly sad as the companies made fantastic successes at the racing series but the Dieselgate did cause huge problems for the company. Now, Audi is leaving the LeMans and their PR agency made a fantastic video showing Audi cars visiting the LeMans track.

It really is amazing to see Audi bringing magnificent RS cars at the same place in the same time. We have here the R8, TTRS, RS6 Avant, RSQ3 and other. These are the most amazing RS cars currently on sale today.

They have been hammered out thanks to massive Audi experience at the World Endurance Racing series. And Audi shows it. Don’t get sad, though.

Audi will continue with the motorsport and that with the Formula E series where they have already announced the entrance. Fantastic Audi LeMans cars won two constructor and two drivers championships which is a lot for a team who entered the series only in 2000.

We can expect Audi to make a major contribution to the whole Formula E endeavor. Is it possible for the Formula E to become the most exhilarating racing series in the world? Some major manufacturers are entering it.

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