This Is Why Audi R8 Is Possibly The Greatest Halo Car Of All Time

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The first generation Audi R8 seems to be a perfect halo car for the Audi. They ...

The first generation Audi R8 seems to be a perfect halo car for the Audi. They sold like hotcakes. And here is a Doug deMuro review telling us exactly why a car like this has become a perfect halo car.

In short, it is a stunning looking car and that is exactly what Audi needed to promote their high-end, high-performance cars and position the company in the same league as a BMW. Considering their RS car business is booming nowadays, we are sure, they succeeded in their endeavors.

Doug deMuro talks about much in this video, including the performance, daily driveability, trunk space, practicality, ease of maintenance and other. What is more, Doug deMuro called this car the greatest Halo car of all time. Imagine that! Now, that is the highest prize one may give to another.

In essence, this is the mid-engined V8 sports car. In its top version, it actually has Lamborghini Gallardo sourced V10 with more than 540hp. With Quattro all-wheel drive system, a whole lot of power and awesome gearbox, its top-notch versions were as close to supercar status as you’d imagine.

However, nowadays, the v8 powered machine could not even handle the high-end hot hatch. Luckily, the supercharger can make it work.

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