Audi R8 V10 Vs V10 Plus Race: How Much Difference Does 69bhp Make?

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We are all used to non-narrated drag races, but such episodes usually involve ...

We are all used to non-narrated drag races, but such episodes usually involve impromptu street episodes. However, when the respected German publication delivers such the piece, you know things are serious enough to allow the explanations to be skipped.

And then again, what’s there to talk about when you are drag racing the 2016 Audi R8 V10 Plus against its non-plus sibling? To put things shortly, the two mid-engined Audi flavors are separated by 39 ponies, and things are much more complex in real life.

The Auto Express-delivered video includes all the numbers you need, so we won’t waste your time by mentioning them here.

We can remind you of the fact that the R8 V10 Plus managed to beat its Lambo Huracan sibling in the now-famous Internet drag race, so the base R8, if we may call the V10-animated model so until a twin-turbo V6 arrives, has one hell of the job on its hands wheels.

Oh, let’s not forget the fact that the current R8 range-topper also showed the Lamborghini Huracan who’s boss in the decceleration test.

The two Ingolstadt mid-engined machines entered one-kilometer battle using the standing start – speaking of which, since we are not supposed to throw spoilers at you, we will simply ask you to pay close attention to the take-off phase.

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