Audi RS3 Vs BMW M240i HEAD To HEAD! Can The BMW Keep Up?

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At least when it comes to sprinting, a 2017 model year has made wonders for a BMW ...

At least when it comes to sprinting, a 2017 model year has made wonders for a BMW 2 Series, with the M235i-replacing M240i being the incredible sprinter.

So what happens when the Bimmer, which is not the proper M car, but the warm M Performance machine, is compared to Audi’s RS3?

The video below brings us a pretty good answer to this question. While the clip doesn’t deliver the drag race, it allows us to see the next best thing, namely the instrument cluster battle.

The RS3 and the M240i are hooned in the German Autobahn adventure, albeit on separate occasions and, since we don’t want to spoil the fun of the video, we won’t tell you happens in the race between the speedometer needles.

And since the video below delivers the basic figures for each of the German machines, there is no need to waste your time with dropping the numbers here.

If this comparison happens to seem familiar, it might be because we have recently brought you the similar stunt, albeit with the family brawl twist. We are talking about the time when the M235i replacement was compared to the M2.

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