Audi TT RS VS Porsche 718 Cayman S : Drag Race

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Remember the days when naysayers used to label the Audi TT as the another ...

Remember the days when naysayers used to label the Audi TT as the another incarnation of the Volkswagen Golf? Those times are now behind us and the critics of a Ingolstadt sportscar won’t want to hear about the phenomenal abilities of the TT RS.

There is one more camp who won’t show too much love to the 2016 TT RS, namely those who enjoy the charms of a Porsche 718 Cayman S.

The latter will be especially disappointed by the result of this drag race in this video, which sees the pair of two-seaters duking it out in the beastly manner.

The 350 horsepower 718 Cayman S and the 400 hp TT RS engaged in the standing kilometer fight, with the two obviously turning to their launch control magic.

It is enough to check out the figures of the two VW Group speed devils to undestand why the Zuffenhausen machine doesn’t stand the chance in this race.

Let’s take the power-to-weight ratio, well, for instance, as this is where the TT RS packs 4 kg per hp, while the Porscha burdens each of its horses with the 4.3 kilograms. Torque? The TT RS’ 354 lb-ft means it delivers an extra 44 lb-ft compared to the Cayman.

Porschephiles have no reason to fret, though. We don’t have the specs for upcoming Porsche Cayman GTS, but once the spicier incarnation of the mid-engined Zuffenhausen machine will show the uber-TT who is boss.

The drag race-showcasing video below, which comes from Motorsport Magazine, sees the 718 Cayman S being used as the camera car, so you will get to see that TT pulling away.

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