Awesome 1900 Purple Dodge Viper Is Car Of Dreams You Have To See

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Would you like to have a purple Viper? No!? Then, would you like to have a 1900hp ...

Would you like to have a purple Viper? No!? Then, would you like to have a 1900hp purple Viper? Sure you would. Meet the Barney – a car so insanely American you’ll fall in love only because of its “BoldEagleness”.

With a glorious sound, epic tuned V10 engine and burnout capabilities not many other cars have, this particular Dodge Viper is the one to have. Sure, it is not the fastest, nor the best, but there is something about this purple color and all the mods on it, we simply fell in love with.

As 1320video reports, the D3 Performance Engineering and Rohan built the car using, among other hardware, two massive Precision turbos with a V10 bolted to a turbo 400 transmission.

The car had its first outing at the Texas Invitational where it made a pass on the half-mile competition. At its second pass, it cloaked massive 198 mph. We can only guess that the guys will make it ready to slash pass the 200 mph mark sometime in the future.

As for the half-mile passes, Underground racing, with their fantastic Lamborghini Gallardo and Huracan squad, is making life tough for everyone else. Who knows, maybe, some day, this purple fantastic Dodge Viper will be able to reach more than 230 mph at the half-mile strip. We look forward to that day.

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