Awesome Close Call After Viper Suddenly Sways Hard Into The Wall

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A Dodge Viper suddenly went untamed after it unexpectedly swayed hard into the ...

A Dodge Viper suddenly went untamed after it unexpectedly swayed hard into the wall almost leaving a serious damage unto its rear. Good thing the driver made a perfect countersteer to put car back into safety. Well the modded Viper right there sure proves to be a dangerous ride for those who are inattentive and panic maestro, are you?

The Viper actually swayed twice during the two separate runs and it’s the first one that’s the more dramatic. Well the first can be thought of as a flaw made by the driver but to have the same problem twice in a row? I am pretty sure that the Viper needs to be looked at and inspected as something is really going wrong. I am no expert on the technicalities but the Viper probably had troubles in its differential. The superchargers on the rear axle probably have skipped a tooth on the belt causing the sudden jerk that made the car lose control. Well what d’you think?

It was really fortunate that the Viper had a good driver. When you can recover from a sudden lose of traction not to mention it’s a highly modified car, then calling you a good driver is well-deserved. Sometimes being a bad driver doesn’t only comes from the fact that you really suck at it, it may also mean you cannot handle problems whenever they arise. Luck was definitely on the side of the Dodge Viper and the “Dodge” in its name sure is very fitting, haha! Go and check it out too!

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