Awesome Ford Fiesta ST Reviewed By EddieX

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After parting ways with the Parker from Vehicle Virgins, Eddie started his own ...

After parting ways with the Parker from Vehicle Virgins, Eddie started his own channel EddieX. He did not exactly release many videos since although he did find a way to grow his channel at quite a fast rate. At this point in time he almost reached 40,000 subscribers, which is quite amazing considering he left the Vehicle Virgins only weeks ago.

Nevertheless, one of his newest videos is quite compelling. It dwells into the Ford Fiesta ST and EddieX seems to be more than surprised by it. He even noted in the title that Ford Fiesta ST is “The Most Fun Car the Size of a Refrigerator Box”. And we cannot conquer more. It’s a blast to drive and a blast to own.

For your information, the Ford Fiesta ST comes with a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine. Developing more than 180 hp (and up to 200 hp in the ST200 version), the car has more than enough energy to reach some serious performance.

Now, as the Vehicle Virgins popularity falls and EddieX’s channel popularity rises, we will see if Eddie will cash in on this YouTube trend among car enthusiast. Nevertheless, this particular Ford is quite astonishing. Please enjoy it.

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