Awesome Race Between A Modified Hellcat And A Twin Turbo C5 Corvette

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What happens when the Dodge Charger Hellcat, with its 707 hp, comes across the ...

What happens when the Dodge Charger Hellcat, with its 707 hp, comes across the C5-gen Chevrolet Corvette at the drag strip? Well, if these beasts find themselves in factory stock condition, which means that the ‘Vette packs 345 or 350 hp, the answer is obvious. But what if the two had been taken down the aftermarket path?

This is where things get interesting and we are here to show you just such the battle. The massaged Mopar machine and the Chevy recently got together at Royal Purple Raceway with quarter-mile purposes in mind.

However, given a hefty stock muscle gap between the two slabs of America we have here, and it was only natural to see the tables being turned when it came to the mods department.

As such, the Charger Hellcat only packed minor custom bits (we are not aware of the exact specs of the Dodge), while the Corvette had been gifted with the twin-turbo kit, with the package being accompanied by a mandatory supporting hardware.

Sure, the TT Chevrolet Corvette might sound like heresy, but the forced induction brings the overly rich boost in terms of the drag strip performance.

This video allows you to see both the ET and the mph numbers delivered by the two contraptions. We will remind you that, in standard trim, the four-door incarnation of the Hellcat can play the 1,320 feet sprint in 11 seconds flat, while the C5 generation of the Corvette is able to deliver high 12s runs.

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