Barn Find Camaro Fires Up After 21 Years Sitting But Is It True

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Barn Finds became so popular that some auction houses are selling barn find cars ...

Barn Finds became so popular that some auction houses are selling barn find cars with the original patina and all of the dirt on them for some serious bucks. Who knows how many cars sit in sheds or old garages all over the world. Luckily, many who found these treasures documented them on video and published on YouTube.

What is different here is the fact that the Camaro comes out of the barn after 21 years and fires up. That is astonishing, to say the least.

Unfortunately, the owner did not show us how did the car behave when he tried to fire it up for the first time, but later on, we can see the Camaro running and burning petrol.

Honestly, we are not convinced this is real, especially because after 21 years of sitting, many of the plastic parts would deteriorate.

What is more, the engine would need an all new oil, cylinder head gasket, flushed reservoir, changed fuel lines, better-sorted injection and much more.

Nevertheless, it is always nice to see the old Camaro fire up and breathe air. This could become the hot rod machine you’d be scared of.

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