Battle Of The Superminis: Fiesta Vs Polo Vs Corsa

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Seeing these three vehicles together reminds us just how old they are. Despite ...

Seeing these three vehicles together reminds us just how old they are. Despite this, Carwow is not wrong for testing them, and as these are the most popular superminis in Europe and all rank in the Top 10 best-selling vehicles overall (last time I checked, could be wrong on that last one).

There are much newer vehicles worth considering. My personal favorite is a Renault Clio 1.5 dCi, which is not fun to drive and really comfortable. Skoda’s new Fabia is also more practical than any of these three.

And we have to focus on the Polo, Fiesta and Corsa, present here in the colors of the Azerbaijan national flag. That is next to Turkey if you are wondering.

It’s somehow odd that Mat picked the Vauxhall Corsa as the best of the three, and considering it’s the third best seller in the UK, perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. And still, this is also the irrelevant test. Ford has already revealed the all-new Fiesta and Volkswagen are close to doing a same.

Vauxhall isn’t doing a same because it calls the Corsa the brand new car, even though it’s just the refresh of the old one. Both the Polo and the Fiesta got similarly new engines and tech when they were facelifted.

Well, what we totally agree with are the dynamic conclusions. Yes, the Fiesta is the lot of fun to drive but rides harshly. Yes, the Polo is really quiet for the small car. Yes, the Corsa’s 1-liter turbo engine is the best here.

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