Bentayga Vs Continental GT Autobahn! Acceleration 0-280 Km/h

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Now that the Bentley line-up involves the large bouquet of versions and editions, ...

Now that the Bentley line-up involves the large bouquet of versions and editions, it is not too difficult to set up the acceleration battle that will keep viewers on their toes, this is precisely what we are here to deliver.

And one of the best examples of such the situations involves the V8 incarnation of the Conti GT (don’t call it the entry level model, okay?) and the Flying B brand’s first high-riding model.

With the help of this video, we can show you what happens when a Bentayga and the Continental GT V8 are thrown at each other in what is the speedometer battle.

Some like to call this the second best thing after the drag race, while others will simply enjoy a velocity number thrills delivered by this footage, which saw the driver enjoying the charms of the Autobahn.

The video below includes the specs of the two Bentleys, with the most interesting numbers having to do with a scale footprint of the two. An untrained eye might expect the Continental GT and the Bentayga to be the world apart in terms of weight, but this is far from the truth.

In fact, while the Bentley Bentayga tips the scales at 5,379 lbs (2,440 kg)  the V8 incarnation of the automaker’s Grand Tourer is only 319 lbs (145 kg) lighter.

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