Bentley Continental Is Back In Style And It’s Absolutely Bonkers!

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When you think of a fast and elegant sports cars, Germany is probably the country ...

When you think of a fast and elegant sports cars, Germany is probably the country that first comes to mind. Obviously, Americans and Italians have something to say in this area as well, but what about the British manufacturers? Well, a certain ride has been there for a long time, and it’s back with a vengeance!

Naturally, we are talking about the Bentley Continental. This luxurious limousine has now become crazier than ever with this Supersports model, if that was even possible. For starters it’s the fastest vehicle Bentley has ever produced, reaching insane top speed of 209 mph! Despite the weigh loss, this behemoth is still a massive ride, but with 700 horsepower harnessed under the hood, it’s certainly capable of hanging with the best of ’em.

Unfortunately, Bentley cars always had a bad reputation, mostly because of people that liked to own them. Well, with this monster, the competition is gonna be crazier than ever before, as the production numbers are seriously limited. This is only a sneak peak, with the full test arriving in a couple of days. Cannot wait to see it in action!

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