The Best BMW Ever! E39 M5 Is The Car, The Myth, The Legend!

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Very few car, even less if you concentrate on family cars, have reached such the ...

Very few car, even less if you concentrate on family cars, have reached such the high degree of acceptance and fame as BMW’s E39 generation 5-Series.

Even a press back in the day wasn’t shy of giving it the title of the best vehicle in the world, as the E39 5-Series combined values like the driving dynamics, luxury, and quality in one unbeatable package.

Compared to its predecessor, an E39 focused more on the aerodynamics, with the finished car having the 0.27 drag coefficient, one of the lowest in the market, and the shape that to this day looks and feels timeless.

The cabin was more spacious than the one in the E34, featuring the lovely driver-focused dashboard and came packed with quality materials and lots of features, including the cutting-edge for that era onboard computer.

A wide range of four-, six- and the eight-cylinder engines meant that there was the E39 to suit every need out there, with the crown jewel being, of course, the M5, which was powered by the 5.0-litre V8 with 394 horsepower and came with the only gearbox you really need – the 6-speed stick shift.

For many, BMWs don’t get much better than the E39, if you have one in your driveway, consider yourself a lucky person.

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