Best First Cars Under $5000

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This is simple. The title says it all – The BEST First Cars Under $5000. ...

This is simple. The title says it all – The BEST First Cars Under $5000. Vehicle Virgins prepared the video and we have to say Parker did drop some cool ideas in it. Now, he gets a lot of hate lately due to ending his partnership with the Eddie, but the fact is that the latest video is kinda cool.

So, we will just tell you which cars he chose, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out why. Much to our surprise, the first car that made the list on the fifth place is actually the BMW M3 E36.

Ok, this is not a vise choice, but you know that any teen or new driver simply has to have this M3. Yes, a newbie driver will probably spend most of his time in the workshop with it, but cmon, it’s the M3.

So, for others, Parker chose the Volkswagen Golf MK4. An excellent choice for sure. The third, as the safest option is a freaking Ford Taurus. Then comes the Chevy K1500. An awesome truck with an awesome V8 and a whole lot of street cred. It simply looks cool. And the latest car, Parker dropped in is the Mazda Miata MX5.

It’s light, fun, cool and rather nice. Almost a race car. Or actually, the easiest car to transform to the race car. And that matter for a teen. A lot.

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