Could This Be The Best New Door Design Of The Decade

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Rezvani revealed the incredible Alpha Beast only weeks ago. We have seen it is ...

Rezvani revealed the incredible Alpha Beast only weeks ago. We have seen it is based on a Lotus, it has an engine developing more than 500hp and it is easily one of a fascinating new sports cars to come in recent years.

The car itself is a masterpiece of design, but one element really pops out. It has incredible doors. Sidewinder doors are probably the first all-new door design since ever.

They are not attached with hinges to the sides of a car but have rather intricate mounts which move almost from underneath the car.

This is the first proper video showing the doors in action. It was all filmed at the official reveal of the car at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Honestly, half-sliding, half-swinging doors look fantastic in all of its “working” glory.

Now, we only ask could it be possible to drive this thing with the doors open. Look at them. They make the Rezvani Alpha Best look like a Batmobile when opened. Now, it could be rather challenging to evade all the curbs when opening it, but that is a small price to pay for having them on a car. Awesome Rezvani. Keep it up.

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