Best Of Supercar Sounds 2016 – BRUTAL SOUNDS!

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While many would agree that 2016 has been the trying year in many ways, it’s ...

While many would agree that 2016 has been the trying year in many ways, it’s been the great year for the automobile.

We have the long list of tremendous machines with prodigious power and performance levels. Plenty of today’s vehicles are both fun and affordable, many new machines are bedroom poster material that today’s adolescents will remember for decades.

The video below is about man’s love affair with modern horsepower and the sound it makes, as the YouTuber cvdzijden has cataloged all of the great sounds he’s captured in 2016.

Yes, this video is certainly full of the occasional idiot doing idiotic things. Still, we don’t see any crashes because this clip is devoid of your typical Mustang antics.

Despite some of the less-than-intelligent maneuvers, we are treated to tremendous noises. Well, my favorite of the bunch? The forbidden fruit that is the Audi RS6 wagon. It sounds wicked and looks wonderful, and especially the black one with the gold wheels.

We also get the chance to relive that near hit of the incredibly lucky camera man by the quick-thinking (and steering) driver of a Lambo Aventador SV. The video is more than 47 minutes of internal combustion glory. Turn it up and freak out your coworkers.

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