Biggest Tractors In The World Will Blow You Away With Their Power!

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Do you enjoy watching insanely powerful machines doing work? If that’s the ...

Do you enjoy watching insanely powerful machines doing work? If that’s the case, take a look at some of these monsters from the video. We are talking about the biggest and baddest tractor collection the world has ever seen!

Farming is definitely not considered an easy job, but machines such as these massive tractors sure make it a whole lot easier. If you think that dragsters are insanely powerful, wait till you hear about the horsepower output of some of these behemoths!

Take the Big Bud 16V-747 for instance. This gigantic tractor weighs 95,000 lbs, and is considered to be the largest tractor in the world! With that amount of mass, it’s no wonder why it has one bonkers engine under the hood. Powered by a trustworthy Detroit Diesel, which has an otherworldly 24.1 liter of displacement, the Big Bud is surely a sight to behold.

In case you were wondering, this engine is supported by 2 turbochargers as well as 2 superchargers, which raised the power output to 1100 horsepower, and God only knows how much torque! What an insane machine!

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