The Biggest Tree Crusher In The World Shows No Mercy!

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What an insane machine this is! Some people might have a problem with its sheer ...

What an insane machine this is! Some people might have a problem with its sheer existence, but we will just take a moment to watch it in action, and marvel at its power. In case you love huge machines, you’ll be blown away by this monster.

Manufactured by LeTourneau, a famous American company that designs heavy-duty vehicles, this thing is absolutely crazy. In fact, it is the largest tree crusher in the world, and boy, wait till you see it work! Created in the late 1960’s, this beast is impressive, even by today’s standards. Perhaps the most imposing number behind it is the weight of the whole thing, tipping the scale at just over 175 tons! I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds enormous.

It takes quite an engine to power this bad boy, and that honor goes to twin Detroit Diesel 12V-71 engines which produce 840 gross horsepower. Don’t get us wrong, we are aware that deforestation is a major issue, but if only people used this behemoth correctly, there wouldn’t be such a problem. Either way, you cannot deny that it blew your mind.

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