This Biker Made A Kid’s Day With One Simple Throttle Twist

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Showing a kindness gesture in today’s world can be the bit difficult. We are ...

Showing a kindness gesture in today’s world can be the bit difficult. We are always rushing somewhere while being entangled in our own problems. And because of this, we seem to forget about some essential things like making the world around us the better place to live.

But every rule has its exceptions. This cool biker in this video made a random simple act of generosity. Simple acts of generosity can go the long way.

This biker decided to take his bike for a ride. After riding for some time and pulling next to a car at a traffic light, he notices the little kid in the passenger seat.

We can see the kid eyeing the biker’s motorcycle with great excitement, clearly amazed by the piece of machinery a biker is riding. At first this cool biker waves to the little kid, and the kid waves back at him with great enthusiasm.

After this biker notices the kid’s super excitement, he gets an idea. The idea to make one simple kind gesture. He signals the kid to roll down his window.

When this kid rolled down the window, this biker then gestured to his handle bar, designating that this kid should just go for it and rev the engine! The excitement this kid shows is just priceless.

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