BMW With Corvette Engine Swap Has More Power Than Even Intended

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BMW 330i is probably the best daily driver you can have as a teen. It is fast ...

BMW 330i is probably the best daily driver you can have as a teen. It is fast enough, cheap enough, good looking enough and can last for decades. Some, however, do many naughty things to it but rarely do they change the straight six from under the hood. This time, though, that is just the thing that happened. BMW 330i with an LS3 V8 swap surfaced on the eBay and it surely is for sale. However, we have found the video of the car actually being tested at the Dyno and what we can say for sure is that the V8 LS3 sound is definitely out of place in the sophisticated looking Beemer.

However, we cannot argue with the power and with the sheer insanity of this swap. It is hard to think that the 6.2-litre V8 actually fitted under the hood. The owner had to do a bunch of mods to make it all work. First, limited slip-diff came from the M3 E46, then the Oil cooler came from the Z06 and the shafts had to be taken from the M3 as well. The engine makes 459hp and 414lb-ft of torque which is 100 more compared to the most powerful BMW M3 CSL E46 from the time. This is a badass car no matter what.

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