BMW 5 series E60 As The Biggest Risk In BMW History

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BMW 5 series E60 was the boldest step BMW could make in the 21st century. They ...

BMW 5 series E60 was the boldest step BMW could make in the 21st century. They almost completely ditched the classic BMW design of the 5 series E39 and introduced a car with a rather controversial look, but with a host of advanced technologies overperforming the closest competitors.

The car they revealed marked a new generation of BMW vehicles. Interestingly, even by today’s standards, the BMW E60 looks decent. It aged well regardless of its slightly controversial design language and departure from standard BMW styling.

Germans did invest heavily in the platform producing the Touring version and then gifting the world with the M5 V10 – possibly the best M5 the world has ever seen – a pure magic of mechanic, excellence, and technology.

Some of the features included the iDrive system, the adaptive front lights, Active steering system and even a head-up display. When it reached the market, it was the only car in the segment to feature all the tech.

The fift generation 5 series was one of the safest too. All in all, watch this BMW video and enjoy the most controversial 5 series ever.

For the last two generations, BMW slowly returned to the pre E60 styling, but the car that made it famous in the 21st century is still one of the most sought after in the used car market.

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