BMW 750d Vs 740d Vs 730d Acceleration And Top Speed

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It’s been years since this world figured out that having the diesel engine ...

It’s been years since this world figured out that having the diesel engine without the benefits of turbocharging simply isn’t worth it, and the question you have to ask yourseld nowadays is how many turbos you want?

Unsurprisingly, a potential answers come from Germany. And while Audi has focused on pinoeering electrically-driven turbos, and which have come from the motorsport world to the SQ7 and the Bentley Bentayga 4.0-liter Diesel V8 engine, BMW is currently playing the numbers game.

As oil-burning fans among you know, a Bavarian automaker has been offering single- and twin-turbo diesel straight-sixes for the few years now, 2016 has seen BMW engineers working to replace the otherwise fresh tri-turbo 3.0-liter oil burner and with one that packs four turbochargers.

As the result, the 50d models will make the greater difference compared to their twin-turbo “40d” range mates, and what does this mean in the real world. Well, we’ve brought along the video that seems to provide the decent answer to this question.

The footage esentially brings us the collage of dashboard instrument recordings involving BMW 730d, the 740d and the 750d, present here in 750Ld long wheelbase form – all of them use xDrive.

Well, the three were taken to their electronically limited 155 mph top speed on the German Autobahn. While they were driven separately, this video is still worthy of our attention.

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