The BMW Isetta Is The Most Unique BMW Of All Time!

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There is no doubt that BMW has produced some of the best automobiles known to man. ...

There is no doubt that BMW has produced some of the best automobiles known to man. Still, this Bavarian manufacturer didn’t always hit it big, and today, we have a vehicle to prove it. This tiny three-wheeler is called BMW Isetta, and it’s absolutely hilarious!

First thing that comes to mind are the minuscule dimensions of this thing. The exterior design might not be its strong suit, and unfortunately, the situation doesn’t get much better in regards to the interior either.

Similar to some modern era supercars, the Isetta’s steering wheel comes out when the doors open. To be honest, this was more of a necessity due to a serious lack of space. One other feature worth mentioning are probably the world’s slowest windshield whippers of all time!

However, performances are a different animal entirely. The extremely small engine of just 300cc which produces 13 horsepower is nowhere near enough for everyday use. Even steeper hills pose a massive problem, as Doug DeMuro certainly found out.

Ultimately, the BMW Isetta is at least very unique, so it’s got that going for it. Hey, it’s something!

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