BMW M3 E92 VS. POLICE – Unsuccessful But Fun Police Chase

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In the video below we can see the white BMW M3 doing donuts in front of the police ...

In the video below we can see the white BMW M3 doing donuts in front of the police car, in what seems to be a dare to start the chase.

Surprisingly, though, the policemen do absolutely nothing about it.

Sure, we are no experts in the Polish traffic laws and we pretty confident it can’t be legal to do donuts on the public road, can it?

After two attempts, that were ‘bravely’ ignored by the men of the law, this video skips to a part where they actually seem to be trying to catch the perpetrator.

Unluckily, their Kia Cee’d Sportswagon can’t keep up with the BMW M3. At best, they have 143 horses at their disposal if the car has the 2-liter engine under the bonnet.

At the same time, the BMW has 420 horsepower so … yeah, there is no way they could catch up to that guy.

PS: it seems like even with his claimed driving skills, the BMW M3 is now sporting a dent on the passenger side door. Wonder where that came from…

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